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Drunken Shenanigans, NaNoWriMo, and Dr. McNinja...

Last night, the President of Team OT planned an outing at a local bar for all of the 21 and older members of the fold. As it turns out it was a rather enjoyable evening, resulting in many pictures that probably should not be shown to my bosses, all of which have been presented for your viewing pleasure... here. Several of my personal favorites are in the cut.

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NaNoWriMo has kicked off and quadhome and I are already behind in our duties. I have about 2,500 or 3,000 words to write tonight, and I'm not sure if I'll get to it. I really don't want to get too far behind. I know if I do I probably just won't do it. I will finish this novel (however retarded it may be). Expect to have your friend's page flooded with inane and likely crappy stories in the near future.

And as a final note of interest; I've found what is quite possibly my new favorite website, Dr. McNinja--A Graphic Novel (Work in Progress). I suggest everyone read the harrowing tale of Dr. McNinja in his fight against Lumberjacks and braindead security guards.
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Livejournal Viruses

Its funny how many of these meme thingies (henceforth referred to as MeTh) are going around I suppose. What's even funnier is the connection that my mind makes with these MeTh and general viruses that plague the general bio-matter of the universe. The main difference is that the resistance to such a virus occurs on a conscious level as opposed to a subconscious autonomic level.

From a psychological standpoint, its curious that something like this can infect a community, but pyramiding schemes are largely ineffective. My current theory on these two different reactions is that people must have a conscious immune system as well. Small viruses such as these MeTh's are sometimes allowed to infect a subject (you might even argue that these MeTh's strengthen said immune system), while other waterfall/pyramid schemes (viruses) are seen as more destructive and as such not allowed to infect the subject.

One of the more effective strategies that these MeTh's employ is the phrasing of their infection. To be "tagged" by someone seems more of an honor than an attempted infection. By limiting the number of people that an infection is attempted on, the virus actually creates an exclusivity of sorts. A group of special individuals who were chosen by the host because of their closeness and special meaning. When a subject isn't a part of that group they feel left out. The need to prove that one is a member of group is an innate and powerful human instinct. Further, when one is a member of such a "tagged" group they feel an obligation to uphold that special bond that was created. Thus purpetuating the virus further.

Obviously this train of thought is influenced by the novel Snowcrash, I'm certainly not claiming any originality here--hell, I doubt that Neal is either. Regardless it is an interesting social experiment if nothing else.

On a rather unrelated note, it seems I've become a part of the WSU Judo's competition team. Sometime later in the year there's going to be an all Washington Collegiate Judo tournament, we know that UW, WWU, and probably CWU (in addition to WSU) are going to attend. Since one of our main members is moving to Ellensburg, this puts a bit of a crimp in our plans of global domination. I'm actually pretty confident that we'll do really well, all gloating aside, we're not bad. Our groundwork is far and away better than any Judo club in the state. Our standing is rather lack-luster, but the hope is to fix that as best we can by the time of the tournament. We have three people (including myself) with the same standup problem, but we've made a ton of headway in that department. And, heck, worse comes to worse... Judo rules still allow pulling guard ;-)

On another unrelated note: I'm begining to hate my job. I knew I shouldn't have taken this position as lab administrator. I do nothing but monkey work anymore. The rare occasions that I get to do something interesting are fewer and farther in between. If it weren't for the other people I work with (Mari, Geneva, and Irene) I really don't think I'd stay there anymore.

Also, I really want to go see Jedi Mind Tricks in concert.
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Am I Autistic?

Well, lets run down the list of possible symptoms:

  • Insistence on sameness; resistance to change

  • Difficulty in expressing needs; uses gestures or pointing instead of words

  • Repeating words or phrases in place of normal, responsive language

  • Laughing, crying, showing distress for reasons not apparent to others

  • Prefers to be alone; aloof manner

  • Tantrums

  • Difficulty in mixing with others

  • May not want to cuddle or be cuddled

  • Little or no eye contact

  • Unresponsive to normal teaching methods

  • Sustained odd play (note--I don't really know what this means, so I'll assume false)

  • Spins objects

  • Inappropriate attachments to objects

  • Apparent over-sensitivity or under-sensitivity to pain

  • No real fears of danger

  • Noticeable physical over-activity or extreme under-activity

  • Uneven gross/fine motor skills

  • Not responsive to verbal cues; acts as if deaf although hearing tests in normal range.

So of the symptoms for autism I test positive for 12/18. Apparently ~1/250 births have some form of Autism, so its not entirely out of the question that I'm a retard. Food for thought.

Anyone else is welcome to post their diagnosis of themselves (or me).

Hiking & Camping and Funnery

quadhome, mel16, and possible kung_fu_mike are going to be hiking to the Lena Lakes in the Olympic mountains this coming weekend. Everyone is welcome to join us on this parade of fun but you should have your own equipment (as I don't really have enough to go around for everyone).

Trip synopsis:

quadhome and I should be arriving in Seattle around 3 or 4 pm at which point we'll most likely take a Ferry Ride across the sound to get to the Olympic Penninsula. From here it shouldn't be more than a 45 minute drive (on a long estimate) to get to the base of the trail.

The hike to the lower Lena lake is ~3 miles of a gentle upward slope. We plan on camping at the lower lake for Friday evening and then Saturday morning making the long trek to the upper lake. The upper lake is an ~6 mile hike from the lower with much steeper terrain and a less well kept trail. The upper lake is worth it though as it's one of the best lakes I've been to in my hiking history in Washington.

Sunday morning, after a hearty breakfast (hopefully) we'll make the entire 9 mile hike down and go on our respective ways, hopefully tired and none-the-worse for wares.

Anyone else who is interested is welcome to come! Give me a call or leave a response if you're interested.